support for config/chat filters and config/logs

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support for config/chat filters and config/logs

Post by gilles » Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:14 pm

is it possible to have an addon or plugin to change these values ?

i explain my problem : these values are sometimes reseted and i need to redo all of them and logout properly for files to be updated
i can play on 2 different computers and i use software to sync these files
i think these values are saved to server too because, if i start play on a different computer, when i'm coming back to my 2 "regular" computers, these settings are reseted
(i don't want to talk of all my manual inventories which are reseted too just because i log to a different computer when i was on vacation)

i would like to have an addon to update at least config/chat filters and config/logs since it's them which cost a little work

something like this :
chatfilters/say = hold
chatfilters/tell = hold_sound
chatfilters/unity = on
chatfilters/attacks_by_you = off
chatfilters/special_action_started_on_by_foes = off

window_1/say = on
window_1/hp_mp others lose = off
window_2/hp_mp others lose = on

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Re: support for config/chat filters and config/logs

Post by atom0s » Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:17 pm

I have created an addon for Ashita v3 to save/load filters on the fly, however it is not 100% guaranteed to work all the time. It has some hiccups but it should do enough to help restore things when needed.
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